Travelers' Philanthropy

Travelers’ Philanthropy


CARE for the Cape & Islands™ is a Cape-wide Travelers’ Philanthropy initiative that supports local community development, environmental conservation and wildlife preservation programs.

What is Travelers’ Philanthropy?

All over the world, travelers and travel companies are giving “Time, Talent and Treasure” to further the well-being of local communities they visit. This emerging movement is helping to support and empower local communities by providing jobs, skills and lasting improvements in health care, education and environmental stewardship.

The Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) is a non-profit research institution with offices in Washington, DC and at Stanford University.  Its primary mission is to design, monitor, evaluate, and improve sustainable tourism practices and principles.  Travelers’ Philanthropy is a CREST program that connects travelers and tourism companies with destination communities in support of local development and conservation projects.

CARE for the Cape & Islands™ is a project of CREST, its fiscal sponsor and 501(c)3.

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Join the wave, and help Create A Responsible Environment for our beautiful, naturally and historically rich yet fragile Cape Cod & Islands.