Integrate CARE into Your Marketing

Build your brand and support our impact as a CARE Steward

As a CARE steward, you have the ability to build stewardship into your brand and will be recognized in the community as a leader in sustainability.


Here are some examples of businesses and how they participate.


We offer Heritage Tourism packages that contribute greatly to our local economy while promoting cultural exchanges that are life-enriching for our visitors and residents alike.


Dorie Dineen Ketterer

ShoreWay Acres Inn

How It Works: Your business develops a package of products or services that may be built around CARE’s funding themes, including a donation to CARE as part of the package


As part of our commitment to preserving the Cape while using best practices to provide solutions in sustainability, we offer guests three levels of “green” for consideration as they book their reservation

Mark Novota

Managing Partner, Wequassett Resort

How It Works: Guests decide how green they want to be. Your business saves money and donates some of the proceeds to CARE.



Being near any body of water can make humans feel calmer and elevate their happiness. We want to help take care of our surroundings. Our partnership with CARE was created to make a difference.

Kristin Ingala

calm livin’

How It Works: Donate a percentage of your sales to CARE and tell your customers how the funds are used.

With your help, we can fund even more!

CARE for the Cape and Islands projects help to preserve and protect Cape & Islands’ natural environment, culture and historic places. Each year we seek proposals from local nonprofits that fit within five themes including Carbon Footprint Reduction, Environmental Stewardship, Food and Culture, and Infrastructure and Sense of Place. These projects lead the Cape and Islands community one step closer to long-term sustainability and the protection of our fragile environment.

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