Project Criteria

Congratulations to Island Grown Initiative, the recipient of our 5-Year Anniversary Grant for $5,000. This grant was announced November 2, at our anniversary celebration. Click here for full criteria.

2017 grants have been awarded and may be found on the 2017 grants page.

Applications for 2018 will open in the fall. Project criteria is listed below. Should you have questions, please send them to


Project Criteria for Annual Grant Awards

To be considered for CARE for the Cape & Islands funding, you must be a 501c3 and your project must:

(a) directly affect visitors’ experiences, and

(b) include at least six of the following characteristics:

1. Discreet or stand-alone project that can be completed with one-time funding.

2. Innovative proposals and initiatives, which support the development of a vibrant

tourism economy for our region.

3. Project has clear leadership, which strengthens the local capabilities, not only

professional but also institutional ones.

4. Project has multiple stakeholders involving direct participation of multiple entities and has been developed collaboratively among those directly involved.

5. Project results that may be applicable in other communities, protected areas,

Cape or island wide.

6. Project has regional impact, though may be locally implemented.

7. Project directly relates a specific tourism niche or theme, indicating there will be a

commitment to continuity.

8. Project creates a clear link to Geotourism, including culture, environment, heritage,

and the well-being of residents.

9. Project includes a clear educational component

Design and coherence of the proposal:

Successful proposals will:

1. Clearly state all project objectives and activities – including how the activities will be carried out and how they are likely to contribute to meeting the overall project objectives

2. Include specific, measurable outcomes based on a triple bottom line perspective (i.e. –How will this project impact people, planet, and profits in your region?).

3. Identify medium and long-term results that can be measured beyond the provision of funding and can provide a basis for future collaborative efforts among tourism providers and project partners in the Region.

4. Include a project budget that accounts for all financial costs – including project management & personnel, labor, materials & supplies, professional services, promotion or advertising, and all other direct and indirect costs.

5. Preference will be given to projects that can provide up to a 1:1 match (in cash and/or in kind) to support project completion.

6. Preference will be given to projects for which overhead accounts for no more than 10% of the total project budget.

7. Projects must be completed within 12 months of the award. Funds will be paid at the completion of the project and receipt of a Final Grant Report.



Carbon Footprint Reduction
Renewable Energy
Energy conservation

Environmental Stewardship
Green space protection
Habitat restoration
Invasive species removal
Watershed restoration / habitat

Food and Culture
Local food production (e.g., cheese, beer, cranberries)
Native food culture (e.g., fishing, clamming)
Local non-food produced products (e.g., soap, furniture)
Farmers markets and market access

Infrastructure for Community Livability
Bike Routes
Hiking or Walking Trails
Wayfinding or Interpretive signage
Making connections, compatibility
Public recycling capacity improvements
Improving community gathering spaces

Sense of Place
Historic structure preservation
Cultural history assets restoration
Stories of the place (interpretation)
Youth engagement

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Funding will be awarded upon completion of the project and receipt of Final Report. Project must be completed within 12 months of award announcement. A 90 day extension may be requested based upon extenuating circumstances.