Become a Cape Crusader

What is a Cape Crusader? 

A Cape Crusader looks out for the world like any other superhero, however, a Cape Crusader excels at taking care of the natural environment and our historic places.

How Do Cape Crusaders Protect the Environment? 

One way to become a Cape Crusader is to participate in a Cape Cod Scavenger Hunt! This scavenger hunt includes missions to complete by checking-in at locations, uploading photos/videos, and answering questions. There are a variety of missions throughout Cape Cod and the Islands that are focused on learning about the natural environment and the history and culture of Cape Cod and the Islands. The missions are labeled by location: Lower Cape, Mid Cape, Upper Cape, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket. Many of the missions will lead you to projects we have funded where you can learn more about them and the organizations responsible for them. You will find all of our funded projects on the Projects Page.

If you are interested in joining the scavenger hunt, download the “GooseChase” app and register here to receive the game code and password.

How Can You Have Fun Participating? 

Cape Crusader Activities that you can do on Land and Sea! Here are two different activity sheets to help you learn more about ways to CARE for our environment.  Download: Cape Crusader Land Activity   Download:  Cape Crusader Water Activity


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