Several years ago, a group of concerned Falmouth sixth graders, in cooperation with the local non-profit Falmouth Water Stewards, launched a campaign to educate people about the problem of plastics pollution on beaches and in the ocean and a really easy way they can help prevent it — skipping the straw. The students are now in eighth grade and the project is still going strong–educating the community and business owners about marine pollution.

The students in conjunction with a retired middle school teacher who taught the Skip the Straw students, put together a training video so that other students throughout Cape Cod and the Islands and beyond can learn how to form their own Skip the Straw campaign. The recently released video includes:

*How the young activists went about creating their organization
*The importance of the Skip The Straw project for the greater Community
*Environmental effects of plastic on the oceans and coastal wetlands
*Interviewing community members to get their reaction to this project
*Visuals of the negative effects of plastics on the environment
*Looking toward the future and the importance of efforts like this one

You may view the video through this link.

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