According to the NPS statistics for Marconi Beach, there were over 90,000 at the beach during peak months from May to October in 2017. Marconi Beach is a very popular site during peak months and in order to stay hydrated, many visitors end up bringing in plastic water bottles. A water bottle filling station was installed at Marconi Beach to reduce plastic bottle use and encourage reusable bottles. The water bottle filling station is supplemented with signage to educate visitors about the harmful impacts of plastic water bottles and the positive impact people can have by switching to reusable bottles.

This project benefits visitors and residents by providing them with clean water to stay hydrated at the beach and an educational opportunity to learn about plastic water bottles vs. reusable bottles. Plastic water bottles often contain harmful chemicals such as BPA, and by encouraging reusable bottles, we are decreasing exposure to BPA from plastic water bottles. It will also save visitors money that would otherwise be spent on plastic water bottles. This project will benefit the planet by reducing waste generation and helping people to decrease their carbon footprint.

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