The Chatham Shark Center is an education center for children and adults of all ages. Our exhibits are designed to educate people about the ecology of the white shark and other local marine life, the research being done on the white shark here on Cape Cod, the public safety policies and procedures, and the need for the conservation of this species. People are often pleasantly surprised that our center is appropriate for everyone, regardless of whether they are a family looking for something inside to do on a rainy day, or a marine scientist who specializes in shark research. This grant funded a water bottle filling station and bike racks with educational signage. By providing visitors with a place to fill their water bottles, they will have less of a need to buy a single use water bottle. Signage on the water bottle filling station will also educate people about the impact of single use plastic bottles on the environment. A bike rack will encourage people to make healthy choices by riding not driving, and we will support local bike rental companies by encouraging people to ride not drive.

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