By Sarah Engelman: In July 2022, as part of the 10-year anniversary celebration, CARE will be highlighting ways for individuals and food-related businesses to reduce waste and single use plastic through a campaign we’ve titled “Take Out with CARE”. This is especially timely during the summer when we spend time at the beach and at picnics, and take out meals are frequently ordered.  

CARE created the compostable silverware guide  in collaboration with Wellfleet Recycling Committee and Woods Hole Sea Grant to raise awareness about the negative environmental impact of single-use plastic serviceware. The guide helps show how people and restaurants can reduce the prevalence of plastic by turning towards reusable and sustainable options. Some of these suggestions include using products that are BPI and/or CMA certified or made from bamboo, palm leaf, and birchwood. The guide also includes many products that meet these standards.

CARE’s director, Jill Talladay is excited to continue to recognize the 10-year anniversary with Take Out with CARE. “The reduction of single-use plastic is an important tenet of CARE’s mission and the Take Care campaign,” she says. “By bringing sustainable serviceware options directly to the Cape Cod community, we hope to change habits in a way that will help keep our environment clean of plastic waste.” Plastic takes hundreds or thousands of years to decompose and it first breaks down into microplastics. These microplastics threaten the health of Cape Cod’s wildlife and the cleanliness of the natural environment. Single-use plastic items are the primary source of microplastics found in the environment. Turning to more sustainable serviceware options is an easy way for people to protect Cape Cod’s biodiverse ecosystem, particularly its marine life, and invest in the region’s future. 

During Take Out with CARE, CARE’s bamboo silverware sets will be available for sale at these locations: Family Table Collaborative in South Yarmouth, the Wellfleet Farmers’ Market held on Wednesdays in July, and the Cape Cod Museum of Art‘s gift shop in Dennis. Proceeds help to fund CARE’s work and annual grant program. Please stop by any of these locations or contact CARE directly at to participate in Take Out with CARE and help further CARE’s mission!

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