Nantucket Preservation Trust created a walking tour and accompanying attractive take-home brochure highlighting Codfish Park, a neighborhood located in Nantucket’s easternmost village of ’Sconset.

Codfish Park has historically been home to a diversity of residents of African American, Cape Verdean, and Irish descent. These families worked for wealthier residents “above the bank” in ’Sconset. These residents directly shaped the neighborhood. Many of the original buildings are small, one and half stories are less, and are defined by a utilitarian sense of simplicity.

Located right at the water’s edge, Codfish Park has suffered losses in major winter storms and is threatened by sea-level rise.

Like many areas of Nantucket, this one is rapidly changing, and the unique stories housed in these simple buildings should be heard by more visitors. Our goal for the walking tour is to encourage more people who visit and live on Nantucket to appreciate these unassuming structures and the stories of the island’s past that they hold. It is important to NPT to promote stories of underrepresented heritage, so that more people can see themselves reflected in the island’s rich history.

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