Over the past few years, a set of Self-Guided Tour Panels have been developed by a team of Yarmouth New Church Board members and local historians. It was a dream and vision of the Board to finalize the design of the panels and display them throughout the interior of the building for public viewing. Each year, hundreds of visitors to the building remark about its unexpected beauty upon entering, and express that they wish to know more about its history and about the unique woodworking, the historic tracker organ, the frescoes, and the stunning stained-glass windows, to name a few.

The Self-Guided Tour panels which have been developed contain a wealth of information within a few poignant sentences, accompanied by diligently researched historic photos. The panels enrich visitors’ experiences and hopefully inspire future visits to the building.

The Yarmouth New Church, recently renamed Thacher Hall, is at the beginning of a wonderful new chapter of its mission to be a community center for the arts, culture, and events. Now and perhaps more than ever, the beautiful history of the building, its former use as a place of worship, and its evolution into a carefully maintained building for present-day community benefit needs to be preserved.

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