The Cape Cod National Seashore recently installed a new wayfinding sign at the CCNS Salt Pond Visitor Center. Funding for the signage was provided through a grant from CARE in partnership with EPRTA (Eastham Part-time Resident Taxpayers Association).  This new informational signage highlights a new solution that was put into place in order to help clean our water.

The Eastham Permeable Reactive Barrier was installed below the parking lot at the Salt Pond Visitor Center. It was constructed to address nitrogen in the water that can cause serious health problems for fish, wildlife and people. The process works by injecting a food source (emulsified vegetable oil) into the groundwater for particular types of naturally-occurring microbes to eat. When these microbes process the food, they create conditions favorable for a different type of denitrifying bacteria. These bacteria are what ultimately intercept nitrate in the groundwater and make it inert, all without changing the natural groundwater flow.

This pilot project installed in 2020 has been successfully removing nitrates and is expected to be effective for at least fifteen years. Based upon its success there are plans to extend the barrier to increase the benefits. For more detailed information about the program visit:

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