Anne Scott-Putney, President and CEO (right) and Judith Holt, Trustee (Left) accepted the 2023 Award presented to Heritage Museums and Gardens for their overall commitment to sustainability and significant efforts to achieve net zero emissions. Their commitment is to achieving a carbon neutral future by 2040 and they are well on their way to this goal. Carbon neutrality, or net-zero emissions, means that they do not emit any greenhouse gasses that they cannot absorb back up out of the atmosphere. To do so entails protecting and conserving natural climate fighting tools such as trees and shrubs, reducing and eliminating greenhouse gas emissions and developing operational processes that preserve and protect the environment. Heritage Museums and Gardens has committed to be a model of sustainability, to reduce the use of fossil fuels and to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and to provide public engagement in these issues through education. The nomination was made as a result of their public education.

Heritage is also effectively educating our future through the Hundred Acre School located on their property. Using the natural environment as their classroom the school engages and inspires students with an emphasis on STEM studies. For more information on Heritage’s sustainability program visit their website

2023 Youth award recipients Colby Hall and Ben Bass (L to R), Sturgis Charter Public School West are leaders of the schools Green Club.

The Youth Award was presented to two students from Sturgis Public Charter School West School who lead their Green Club. Ben Bass and Colby Hall are seniors. The club’s adviser described them as some of the most dedicated and reliable members of the club. Ben and Colby’s goals for the 2023-2024 year are to continue and expand the recycling program, raise awareness on recycling, and establish a compost program for their school in order to reduce their overall waste. Their teacher stated “The care that these two students show for our local environment give me hope for the future!”

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